Wirreanda Boer Goats

Our boer goats provide us with high quality meat to sell at the local markets.

We pride ourselves in looking after each goat individually, and making sure they have a good quality of life so they are able to produce the highest quality of meat. 

All our does are named, and they each have their own personality. Currently we average 60 boer goats, and butcher around 20-30 per season.

In 2018 we are reducing our stock of boer goat's and expressions of interest are being taken for their purchase.  Contact us for details.

Our Mission:

To provide quality, fresh unpasteurised goats milk, and goats milk products


Goats4life Unpasteurised Goats Milk

- Gold Award Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Show 2019

- Gold Award Dairy Industry Association Australia WA 2019

- Gold Award DIAA WA 2020

Goats4life Natural Goat Yoghurt

- Gold Award DIAA WA 2020

Goats4life Kefir

- Silver Award DIAA WA 2020

Scapegoat Garlic & Chives Spreadable Chevre

- Gold Award DIAA WA 2020

- Champion Goat or Sheep Product/Non-Bovine DIAA WA 2020

370 Brookdale Rd

Boyanup WA 6237

Member of DIAA & DGSA