Our Goats

In 2017 we ventured from 6 years of breeding Boer goats for meat production into focusing on dairy goats and milk production.

Our first introduction to dairy goats were British Alpines, which we milked for our own personal use for 2 years prior to developing the dairy.

British Alpines are quite a large goat and are normally black with white swiss markings.

British Alpines are excellent milkers, well known for their extended lactation.  They generally have a higher butterfat content than Saanen milk at 3.5%.

Deadpool at Busselton.JPG

The vast majority of our herd are  Saanens.

Saanens are the top milk producers of the dairy breeds. Most will average 3- 5.5L per day, but some can milk up to 11L per day when in full production. The butterfat of Saanen milk is only 2% to 3%, equivalent to low fat cow’s milk.


Our dairy herd also contains some Toggenburg does.  Toggenburgs generally don't produce as much milk as Saanens, but are known for persistent milk production over long periods.