Scapegoat Yoga 2020

with Ines Zimmerman

Goat yoga is back in 2020.

Commencing on Sunday September 27th at 2pm.

Limited season.

Only available until the end of November 2020.

Join the fun, fresh air, laughter, goat cuddling, maremma cuddling, and yoga, with yoga teacher Ines Zimmerman.  

Suitable for beginners, adventurers, animal lovers, adults, children over 8yo, and even yoga masters.

Fee per class $20 per person

Non-participating children under 8yo $10, and must be appropriately supervised.

Scapegoat Yoga with Wine and Cheese $30 per person

Children (paying full price) attending any of the wine and cheese sessions will be offered chocolate goats milk instead of the complimentary glass of wine


An invoice will be sent for payment prior to event.

Minimum numbers per class apply.  If a class does not reach the minimum number it may be cancelled, and any bookings made will be offered a rescheduled date.

Please bring your own yoga mat, towel or blanket.

Please note , you will be interacting with goats and large, friendly, fluffy dogs.  All care will be taken, however, these are live animals and they may nibble, butt, climb on, rub on, chew on everything, and generally make themselves quite comfortable on you and your gear.  You have been warned!

Corporate Scapegoat Yoga with Wine and Cheese

Our Mission:

To provide quality, fresh unpasteurised goats milk, and goats milk products


Goats4life Unpasteurised Goats Milk

- Gold Award Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Show 2019

- Gold Award Dairy Industry Association Australia WA 2019

- Gold Award DIAA WA 2020

Goats4life Natural Goat Yoghurt

- Gold Award DIAA WA 2020

Goats4life Kefir

- Silver Award DIAA WA 2020

Scapegoat Garlic & Chives Spreadable Chevre

- Gold Award DIAA WA 2020

- Champion Goat or Sheep Product/Non-Bovine DIAA WA 2020

370 Brookdale Rd

Boyanup WA 6237

Member of DIAA & DGSA