Where can you purchase our produce?

Currently our goat meat is only available at the Boyanup Farmers Markets, held every 4th Sunday of the month.

Meat cuts

Different cuts may be available at different times.

Cuts depend on the size of the animal, and quantity of meat available.  Plus of course, customer demand.

Prices may vary according to season, and any prices on photos are only an example of past markets.

  • Roma tomato and caramelised onion

  • Coconut and curry

  • Italian

  • Plain

Boned in and boned out.

Ideal for curries, slow cooking, stews, pies, on the BBQ, or as a healthier alternative to any lamb recipe.


Boned in and easy carve

Instead of 'pulled pork' try a slow cooked goat roast for the perfect 'pulled' meat.

Our Mission:

To provide quality, fresh unpasteurised goats milk, and goats milk products


Goats4life Unpasteurised Goats Milk

- Gold Award Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Show 2019

- Gold Award Dairy Industry Association Australia WA 2019

- Gold Award DIAA WA 2020

Goats4life Natural Goat Yoghurt

- Gold Award DIAA WA 2020

Goats4life Kefir

- Silver Award DIAA WA 2020

Scapegoat Garlic & Chives Spreadable Chevre

- Gold Award DIAA WA 2020

- Champion Goat or Sheep Product/Non-Bovine DIAA WA 2020

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Boyanup WA 6237

Member of DIAA & DGSA