Basic Information For New Goat Owners

Before you can bring your new goats (or any other livestock) home, you must have a Property Identification Code (PIC).

Goats can be a great addition to any rural property, but don’t expect them to be lawnmowers.  They are more likely to eat your prize rose bushes to the ground, rather than just the grass.

Always ensure the goats have access to fresh clean water, and shelter of some kind (trees can be fine most of the time).

Goats are herd animals and require at least one goat friend to really be happy.  In our experience we have found that goats have a leader of a herd, usually the oldest doe, so we recommend a mix of ages for this reason.

Tethering of goats is not recommended unless it is only for a short period of time.

It is not good practice to leave your buck in with the does year round.

Feed:  Goats are browses not grazers. They require plenty of roughage eg good quality hay, bushes, branches, in addition to grass.  There are commercial goat pellets/mixed grains available if required.

Fencing:  We have found the best option is box wire with electric outriggers at the top and 300mm off the ground.  Single strand 6 wire with the electric outriggers is also an option, but not as effective at keeping pests/predators away.

Animal Health:  Find a good goat vet in your area before you need them!  Many products are not approved for use in goats, however some can be used with vet approval. 

Vaccination is necessary every 6 months with Glanvac, check with your vet which product they recommend, we currently use Glanvac 3.

Read the information on for current worming recommendations. It is recommended that you do a fecal sample for worm analysis prior to worming..  Check with your local rural store for worm test kits.

Hoof trimming is done as required.  We use plant secateurs and sometimes a flapper attachment on a disc grinder.

Identification:  Tagging is mandatory before a goat leaves your property.  You are also required to notify the NLIS database of movement of goats onto your property.

For more information follow this link to DPIRD

Goat Yoga with Ines Zimmerman, available seasonally

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