Goats4life Unpasteurised Goats Milk

Pure goats milk, fresh from our farm. 

Nothing added, nothing taken away.  

Testimonial: "I grew up on goats milk, and yours is the best I've found since having my home goats.  Creamy, tasty, fresh, so good to drink and cook with"  Fiona

Goats4life Natural Goat Yoghurt

Made with pure goats milk and live cultures.  Pot-set, mild tasting, unhomogenised, creamy, the way real yoghurt should be.

FREE from preservatives, additives, artificial thickeners, flavours, and sugar.

Testimonial: "I love the yoghurt, I can feel it helping my stomach.  I can't eat other yoghurts"  Alison

Goats4life Kefir

Goats4life Goats Milk Kefir Drink is a traditional, nutritious, flavoursome and easy to drink kefir. It's creamy, acidic and loaded with lots of healthy probiotic bacteria.

Beneficial for digestion and gut health.


Scapegoat Feta

Scapegoat Feta is creamy, but firm, with a mild salty taste enhanced by the brine solution used in the making process.

Perfect whenever a recipe calls for feta, crumbled over a salad, or eaten fresh on a cracker.

Scapegoat Marinated Feta

Marinated in blend of oils with a special mix of dried herbs, our Marinated Feta is a lovely accompaniment to any dish.

For complete indulgence, crumble the feta and drizzle with the marinating oil and herbs over a salad, or roasted vegetables.

Scapegoat Camembert

The best time to eat our Scapegoat Camembert is right on the best before date, where the flavours have had a chance to develop beautifully.  Earthy, smooth, creamy, with a bloomy rind.

Serve at room temperature.

Made exclusively for us by HaVe Cheese, Harvey WA, using our fresh goats milk.

Testimonial: "I love goats cheese, particularly the creamy style french ones, and yours is a match to the best french ones. Well done. Fantastic work" Jorge

Silky Saanen

Smooth, soft and silky, Silky Saanen is a Persian style Feta marinated in a special mix of herbs and Grape seed oil.

Indulgent, versatile, addictive, perfect spread on a crusty loaf of bread, or with salad, dried fruit or roast vegetables.

Scapegoat Curd

Spreadable goats cheese with a fresh mild flavour.  Perfect with smoked salmon, or ham off the bone, on crusty bread.  Or for extra indulgence, our fresh goat curd makes a beautiful tasty cheesecake.

Scapegoat Garlic & Chives Curd

Smooth, easy to spread, with garlic and chives.  Love garlic bread? Indulge with our Garlic & Chives Curd spread on a crusty loaf for garlic bread with a difference.  Or even on top of a baked potato.

Make this your newest indulgence.

Testimonial:  "We love natural local products.  The Garlic & Chives Curd is so creamy & tasty.  Highly recommended"  Kristy-Lee

Goats Milk Soap

Switching to soap made with raw goats milk can benefit your skin's health. 

Goats milk soap is creamy and moisturising thanks to the fat molecules in the milk.  Goats milk soap is wonderful for people with dry or sensitive skin, or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

The vitamins and minerals present in the milk, particularly vitamin A, contribute to healthy skin and repair damaged tissue. 

Goats milk also contains alpha-hydroxy acids which help remove dead skin cells, leaving skin smoother.

Our Mission:

To provide quality, fresh unpasteurised goats milk, and goats milk products


Goats4life Unpasteurised Goats Milk

- Gold Award Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Show 2019

- Gold Award Dairy Industry Association Australia WA 2019

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