Natural, healthy, goats milk, fresh from the South West of WA

Scapegoat Dairy is a small family enterprise located in Boyanup in WA's South West

With a herd of over 100 does we are able to milk year-round, to provide a consistent supply of fresh goats milk, and specialty goats milk products

Goats4life products are better for you, easier to digest, full of nutrients, and taste great


South West Times, 7th December 2017 - Goats milk goes to market naturally​

South West Times, 22nd February 2019 - Cheesy business idea wins gold for couple

Our Mission:

To provide quality, fresh unpasteurised goats milk, and goats milk products


Goats4life Unpasteurised Goats Milk

- Gold Award Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Show 2019

- Gold Award Dairy Industry Association Australia WA 2019

370 Brookdale Rd

Boyanup WA 6237

Member of DIAA & DGSA